The best venues go pretty fast and you have to book them 12 + months out. Find a venue that speaks to you and your fiance. Maybe you are industrial gurus, or classic chic couple, or urban swanky people. Whatever is your style there is a venue for you! 

Being engaged is one of the BEST parts of life!!
Embrace it!
Enjoy it!
And have fun with it!
But what is next after getting engaged??

The best photographers are usually booked at least 9+ months out so booking one you love you need to get on that as soon as you have your venue booked. When going to choose a photographer you need to determine what style you like, what type of photographer they are. Meet with photographers and see which one you like. See which ones match your personality, needs, and wants on your wedding day. 

The moment every girl has been waiting for! WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! The best places in KC do require appointments so book that now! The best dresses take 6-10 months to make after you find the one, so go shopping immediately after getting engaged! Doing your wedding day dress shopping on a weekday is the best time to go shopping. No one is in the store and you and your family have the whole place to yourself! 

Your wedding day planner can be there for the last 6 months, 6 weeks, or just for the day of. They are the ones who plan out the timeline for all your vendors, set up your venue, decorate your venue, decorate ceremony location, etc. You may have a venue coordinator but they just worry about their venue. They probably do not set up decorations, tear down your venue for you. The best wedding planners are booked 12+ months out in advance. They are crucial to you having a relaxed enjoyable day with friends and family!

When picking your florist to find someone who can do exactly what you have in mind. Find someone who can help you achieve what you want with more ideas coming to mind to help you create a one-of-a-kind wedding. Florist are designers and are able to create so many incredible things! 

This is probably my favorite part of the whole process! 
Cake tasting!
When looking for a baker for your wedding day you have the opportunity to taste their work and to see everything they are able to do for you.  This will help you find the perfect vendor for your dream cake. 
This is done about 6-8 months before your wedding date. 

You should start looking for a DJ about 10 months before your wedding day. All the good ones are usually booked out 7-8 months in advance. You will want to find one that will listen to your requests and play music you will want. Also if you are wanting lighting make sure they have that equipment for your wedding day. 

Needing an activity for your guests during cocktail and reception time? Photo booths are the perfect way to go. Brides usually book their photo booth about 7-8 months before their wedding date. 

Accessories include: 
Cuff links 
This items are what make your wedding day a little more you.  Most brides accumulate these items through the wedding planning process. 

When choosing a hair artist find someone who can come to you and who brings an entire team to you. By choosing someone like this you are eliminating another trip to some place. Travel during a wedding day is stressful and time consuming and all you should focus on is getting pampered and having fun. Booking a great hair & makeup artist should be done about 9-10 months before your wedding day. 
Book your trail at least 3 months before your wedding day to make sure you will like your hair style.

Choosing your catering can probably be one of the toughest choices out there. Do you want BBQ? Taco bar? Food trucks? So many options! Most catering companies let you do a tasting for a small fee before you book with them! Book your caterer about 9-10 months before your wedding day. If you are getting food trucks get those ordered as soon as possible before they are all gone. 

The extras are the fun treats, the donut wall, popcorn station, candy mixing station, guests gifts. This is anything you want to make your wedding even more unique. There are so many options out there to jazz up your wedding so let it happen! 

choose a venue

hire a photographer

find the dress

hire a wedding planner

hire a florist

find a cake

hire a dj

book a photo booth



hire a caterer