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Looking for minimalistic and modern images of your brand, family, or yourself? This is the place to be. 

The Studio is owned by Ashley Ice Photography. The Studio was designed to have a minimalistic approach to focus on you, your family, or your branding. 

The all white space features a large window allowing beautiful natural light. Modern and French seating to elevate your images.

the studio

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Maternity |  Newborn  | 
Family  |  Milestones 

Your everyday family love at its most romantic. We gently lead you through movement suggestions, not poses, providing some direction, but ultimately showing who you are together at your most relaxed, natural selves.
All mothers and children under 2 are able to use the client closet for their session.  The Studio is a gorgeous, safe, warm environment to remember those first few days of your newborn. 

Family portraits

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The Studio is the perfect place to be your sexy self.

The intimate setting, gorgeous couch props, and all white will leave your images exquisite. 


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At The Studio you can update your brand and image with our all white walls. You also have the options to bring in items that represent your job to get marketing images for website and social posting.

This is perfect for single business owners or a team. There are collections for each type of session. 


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PHOTO BY Ashley ice photography