This was my 38th engagement session JUST this year. How crazy is that? 
With every engagement session I hear new giggles, see new love, and find out more about the amazing people on God's earth. 

Engagement sessions are so important to my business plan. I love working with each couple before their wedding day so I know what makes them giggle, what poses look amazing on them, and also they get to find out how crazy-fun I am! 

Shelby & Luis act as if they just met 6 months ago and are still falling madly in love with each other when really have been together for over 7 years! WOW! That is so amazing. 
The entire time they laughed and shared inside jokes with each other. I still have no idea what was so funny but Shelby's laugh was so contagious I was laughing away with them.

I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I loved being around Shelby & Luis! 



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