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I remember when I started my photography journey. I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know where to start. It was hard. It took me over 5 years just to figure out I needed an LLC. Who know? 
When I started photography mentorship programs where not a thing. You couldn't find a photographer willing to teach you anything. It was all pure luck. 

I hated that. 

I hated that there was not a sense of community. No one was helping each other. It made me sad, frustrated, and so mad that people were acting this way towards someone who just wanted to make a life out of their passion. 

I am so happy that for the past two years I have been navigating photographers through their business. Teaching first time users to create photos that are out of this world gorgeous. Plus instilling a drive to everyone who has come through my doors with a positive outlook on their business and what their dreams will be. 

'It's never too late to be what you might've been.” – George Eliot




 Before the mentorship, I was unsure of my style. I would throw a preset on my RAW images and hope for the best. I was so drawn to the light and airy images I'd see on instagram but had NO idea how to get that look. I had a set of prompts for my couples but they weren't exactly giving me the ideal look I wanted to achieve. Ashley helped me with the technicals of capturing the best image first in camera, then bringing out the edits just the way I was looking for. She gave me SO much valuable information and then directed me each week to get better each time I had a shoot.
After getting my style down, I was able to book twice as many weddings/year. My clients are getting closer and closer to that ideal client I have been wishing for since I started.
 I also attended Ashley's flatlay workshop as part of the mentorship. This gave me stunning work to showcase and I was able to increase my prices $400 per wedding
My mindset has completely changed. I still have issues with feeling like I'm not good enough or don't deserve success, but that has dwindled singer Ashley gave me the confidence in my own work and the tools to create the beautiful images I was wishing for. I now feel confident in my abilities and it has completely helped shift my mindset.
I was super nervous to even go into the mentorship to begin with, even though I completely trust and admire Ashley and her career. I was scared to have her critique my images because I've always looked up to her, but it was the BEST thing I could have done! Other than just helping me get the images I was wanting, she helped me put together some business plans and work through some back-end work that has made me so much happier in my processes and business in general
I would 100% recommend Ashley's mentorship to anyone that is unsure of themselves, anyone who wants to elevate their photos and feel confident in what they are creating! I was scared to jump in, but I am SO happy I did!
 I too was on the fence about joining a new program with everything on my plate (running a business is hard!!) BUT Ashley gave me the tools to actually save time in the long run (hello planning social media posts). My editing process has become quicker too because I actually know what I'm doing and how to achieve the look! Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do for your business, and having Ashley on your side to tell you straight up what isn't working is JUST what I needed, maybe it's just what you need too?!


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linsey's instagram before and after her mentorship 


Before I met Ashley Ice and began working for her I considered myself a “natural light photographer” I had done enough in my photography to be comfortable with only the lighting situations I knew and my skills had plateaued and I didn’t even know it. The more Ashley mentored me I realized that considering myself a “natural light photographer” was limiting my skills! She taught me the benefit of OCF and balancing light and WB, she taught me the ins and outs of my settings and the things within my camera that I didn’t even know existed. Everything I know about weddings I owe to her but more importantly the things she’s taught me from the basics to advance lighting techniques have made me a better photographer all around! These techniques are not just beneficial to weddings. They are fundamental to being comfortable with anything a client requests from golden hour shoots, lifestyle sessions and events. I am comfortable walking in to any room and getting that perfect shot. You can be too! 

amber macken

amber's work before and after working with me


Ashley Ice is the one of the best when it comes to teaching and mentoring. After working for her Photo Booth company for a year, I quickly fell in love with the wedding setting and wanted to be more involved. I reached out to Ashley about photography and she didn't bat an eye to take me in and teach me everything she knows about posing, lighting, and the camera settings. My confidence being behind the camera has grown with meeting with Ashley weekly and I can now comfortably take clients photos independently. With no photography experience, Ashley simplified everything I needed to know to be successful and I am now proud to say I am employed with Ashley Ice Photography. 

amber macken

kenzie never touched a camera before working me
here are her images!

If you are looking to do any of the following my one-on-one mentorship program is for you.

-Learn how to edit in a classic timeless style effortlessly 
-Learn how to operate a camera
-Elevate your portfolio with higher end weddings 
-Learn how to market yourself on Facebook and Instagram 
-Learn how to blog, or even better how to properly blog to get people to find you through google. WITH OUT PAYING ADS
- Learn how to market on Pinterest
-Learn how to make the best website out there
=Learn how to even start a photography business
-Learn how to pose clients (maternity, family, couples)
-Learn how to create styled shoots to elevate your portfolio

These are just some things I teach photographers. Each mentorship is customized to the individual's needs. 

Is the mentorship program for you?

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When you contact me please be detailed in what you are looking to achieve with your photography business. A phone consult will be requested to go over everything in detailed before a quote can be given as each mentorship is customized to the individual. 

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