Mollie & Joe are sweet as pumpkin pie! 

This was my last session of 2018 and I am so lucky it was with these two. They really helped me knock the end of 2018 out of the park! 

We were extremely lucky because we were able to shoot on one of those random really warm December days. I however did not know that it was going to be THAT warm and I dressed myself in 3 pairs of pants, four shirts, I had little hand warmers tucked into my snow boots, and gloves ready to wear. Little excessive you might think, but I really do not like the cold so I was super prepared. By the end of their shoot I was dripping in sweat because of the heat. ha! 

Mollie and Joe actually live in Texas and will be getting married in Hamilton, MO. Molly's home town, at The Pearl. Which is a gorgeous barn venue! 
They will tying the knot May 4, 2019! 

I cannot wait to see these two on their wedding day and profess their love to each other! 

Congrats Molly & Joe! You two are SO perfect together like pumpkin pie and whip cream!

xoxo Ashley


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