Talk about a beautiful day from the start. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect; sunny and warm with a slight cool breeze, but what was more perfect was the loving couple Hilary and Graham! Lucky for us (me) I got to the pleasure of meeting their adorable fur baby, Zoey first. The excited, Zoey was so happy to have visitors she made sure her parents and myself got a few slobbery kisses before we headed off to our next location.

They had picked a beautiful fountain that they admired. We made our way up to the fountain and I noticed how Graham lovingly held Hilary’s hand as they walked so that she would not fall. They laughed and they played and in between photographs they made silly faces to one another. They had a chemistry that could be heard though no words were spoken.

The Plaza was bustling with cars and people but Graham and Hilary stole the focus for us (me). They looked completely high end on the Plaza stairs and beautifully elegant dancing on the lovely tile walkway. I can’t even blame people for stopping and staring because they looked amazing!

When we arrived at our final location the sun was just starting to set. The couple emerged in their next outfits and, wow! Hilary’s dress was as gorgeous as she is. It was a beautiful coral color with lovely flowers, just perfect for a romantic ending to the night. We (I) caught a couple pictures of the couple sneaking some loving looks at one another, holding hands and snuggling up close. These moments between them just as warm as the setting suns glow. We ended our night with one final hurrah! The gorgeous couple with they’re city behind them.

I can’t wait to see you two again, exchanging vows and the final hurrah this time as husband and wife!


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