We are perfect for....

We are
 perfect for....

... the individual who wants sought-after vogue worthy imagery. 
The client whose intimate wedding has soft color pallets or unique textures. A wedding that makes a statement but also represents the couple profosing their love to each other.  


How many hours should  we request? 

how do we receive our 

what if we do not want 
the ENGAGEMENT session?


Describe your
shooting style 

Posing- How do you pose clients? We are not comfortable around the camera. 

Describe your editing style

what does your ideal 
client look like? 

My church/venue/hotel is very dark. Will you bring lighting with you? 

We are Catholic, have you shot a Catholic ceremony before? 

Where should we do our engagement session? 

What is the average price clients spend with you? 

Do you offer albums and IF SO how does that work? 

How many weddings do you take in one weekend? 

Can I view a full wedding gallery? 

Can I view a full wedding gallery? 

Will I get Ashley or Amber as my photographer? 

How many images do I get?
Can I see everything you take? 

When do we do engagement sessions? 

Can I hire a videographer for my wedding?

What if you got sick/car/wreck or something else that would prevent you from coming to my wedding? 

What if you have never shot at my venue before?

what do you
 packages include? 

how do we reserve you? 

We are a full service wedding photographers. Our packages start at 8 hours with two lead photographers and up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage.
With our planning background, we are skilled in knowing from the first time we talk how many hours we honestly need to cover your wedding day.
We never over sell our hours, but are also honest with what we believe you need to get full coverage wedding day.

We will deliver a curated blog post to share with family and friends within a week of your engagement or wedding day. 
All your final images are delivered within 2-4 weeks via online gallery. 
You can download the images from there then post them socially. 
The online gallery also host the  reasonable, professional printing services. 

With all our packages we gift our couples an two-hour engagement session. This session is truly a gift from us. We want to spend this intimate time with you prior to the wedding day to get to know you as a couple.. To teach you poses, and to have fun. We constantly show you the back of our camera so you can see what magic you have been creating. Then when you get your engagement gallery back, you will see how beautiful your relationship is, viewing from the outside in. If you do not want to do this session due to distance, we understand but this is gifted to you. 

If you feel like we are a good fit please submit an inquiry and we will be able to set up a time to speak and create a custom proposal for you. 

We are editorial with candid moments. This happens with how we pose clients, but we also like to have some fun. We believe in taking gorgeous vogue worthy images while also capturing people’s true essence. 

My editing style is clean, classic, and true to the eye. I want your photographs to be I exact color and light as it was on your wedding day. I do not over expose, saturate, or darken images. 

Check out our Facebook page to see before and afters. 

Our ideal client is super fun. Family orientated. Loves doing extra things on their wedding day. Wants to take a ton of photos on their wedding day but also enjoy every moment. Our ideal clients hire wedding planners to help make their day go smoothly and flawlessly. We love couples who are madly in love and know wedding photography is an investment and is the top priority to their wedding day. 
Our clients trust us 110% and rely on us to help make the big choices for the wedding day plans.
Our clients are either Type-A and love timelines and order. Or our clients are not sure what they want but rely heavily on our ideas and our timeline. 

Yes! We want all our images to look at is there is natural light all around. If you church allows for off camera flash we will set up our lights. If your church does not, we know how to shoot in low light and create beautiful images, check out our Facebook Page to see more references. For every reception venue we use off camera flash. This is beneficial to you for many reasons. Your DJ will not need to change his lighting to help us with ours. You can turn down all the lights in your reception venue and the photos will still be brightly lit and full of color. We are wizards at the off camera flash. We believe you cannot be a true professional photographer if you do not know how to operate in dark places and with off camera flash. 

Guess what!

We are Catholic as well!

We know all the traditions that happen during a wedding ceremony. 

Over 50% of our coupes are Catholic!

When we have our first meeting we will talk briefly about the engagement session so I can get an idea on what type of scenery you like. This will help me send you galleries to look at locations. After you have booked we will have a planning session to talk through what you want to do and where you want to go for your engagement session. 

We are photographers for the individuals who know photography is valued, cherished, and it is hard to put a price point on memories. This makes our packages be prices in the luxury market to ensure the best service to every unique wedding. Please contact us to set up a consult to begin your experience. 

We do offer albums to all our clients. Ashley is the designer for all albums. She will have you choose a set amount of favorite images, then build the album around those. She sends you a proof and you can make any changes you want. 

We only take 10 exclusive weddings a year that bring us joy and fit our brand. 
We are looking for weddings that are unique, sparkle and bring  intrinsic to the table. 
We are looking for weddings with soft color pallets or vibrant unique patterns. 
If you believe your wedding fits in this style please contact us to submit your wedding for review.  The more details you can give the quicker the sorting process will go. 
We do receive hundreds of inquiries a month across the globe for 2021 and 2022. 

I will be able to send you a highlight gallery of a real wedding that matches your venue or wedding style. The more information you give me on your contact form the more galleries I can show you. 

We will be wearing all black to your wedding. All our weddings we photograph are black tie events and we dress as if we were one of the guests. 

If you want one more than the other you will be able to request that at the contact form. If you do not have a preference you can click that too. If you are on a budget, Amber’s packages will be for you as Amber’s collections start in the 3,000 and Ashley’s start in the 5K. 

An 8 hour wedding day typically gets 800-1000 images. The more you plan with us the more final images you will get back. 
We also only deliver the best of the best. We delete any duplicates, photos where your eyes are closed, or someone has their mouth wide open. We only keep the best version of everything we shoot. We know as photographers we can take up to 20 of the same image because within that time we are slowly adjusting the image to make it better to get the best final product. We take out all the hard work for you to choose images. This is part of our  luxury experience we provide each couple. We do not want you to think about a thing and just be pampered.  

Engagement sessions are done during April- June and then September-November. We make winter exceptions if you want snow in your shoot, but if you are not looking for snow photos we will wait until the weather is nice again in mid April. 

We love videographers! We love when a couple hires one! We do have a list of videographers we love to work with because they let us “run the show” and they video in the back. This allows us to be in control of the posing and the moments. We do let the videographers know that we can slow down or back up what we just did so they have time to video it. The end game is that you get amazing photos and amazing video. When hiring a videographer that is outside of our list, you should ask if they want to pose you or work with what your photographer is doing. If they want to do their own posing we will need to add more time to your wedding day timeline and be at locations longer. 

Now we never hope to miss your wedding, but if any of the above were to happen we are thankful we are a team of photographers. All the photographers under Ashley Ice were trained by her and know exactly what to do. Ashley also makes a very detailed timeline of each couples day as well as all the notes of what we are doing at each location. We are prepared if anything where to happen to a photographer. If both teams are booked the same day, Ashley Ice will have another photographer that is equal in style and grace be a backup. This is why we always have two photographers with our packages this way you will no matter what have an Ashley Ice Photographer.
This is also the reason we prefer to travel with you on the transportation so we are with you and nothing can happen to us.

Every place is the exact same. Walls, floor, windows, and bad artificial light. If we have not been to a location before we always arrive a little earlier than planned and walk around. It only takes a few moments to gather in the entire venue or church to know what we are going to do.
Wanting a photographer who has previously shot at your venue is a rumor Pinterest came up with to “ask your photographer”. A true professional photographer can photograph in any place without even prepping prior to.

Every. Single. Client. Say this to us! We know how uncomfortable getting your photos taken is. Even us as professionals, we still cringe when we take our own head shots. Haha!
We are master posers for all clients with any body shape, size, or height. We will direct you from head all the way down to the toes. We will teach you our poses that you will be able to do on your own for future group selfies! Now you may be thinking, “woah that sounds like a lot, I do not want to end up super posed.” Do not worry. We also give direction on making you two feel comfortable and really melt into each other while your true personalities come out. With us you will never hear the words
“ok, do something cute” then you are thinking, “but what does that mean?”. Our clients are not professional models but by the time you are done with your engagement session, you will be!

With every wedding package you get the following items: 
2 photographers 
2- Hour gifted engagement session
Beautiful online gallery 
Professional & affordable printing services
Access to the Facebook Bride Tribe group
40+ page engagement style guide 
60 + page wedding day guide 


1. Fill out the contact form with all your information. 
2. Have your first planning meeting/consult. 
3. I will suggest the perfect package for your wedding day needs 
4. Sign the agreement 
5. Pay a retainer

Super easy! 

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from my clients

love letters

- Stacey & Kyle

The pictures of the entire wedding day turned out AMAZING!! Kyle and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Ashley is so personable and makes it so easy to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I couldn't have imagined having a better photographer for our special day!!

- Shea &  Curtis

Ashley is the Sugar. Honey. Ice. Tea. 
She has been one of the most helpful and caring person I have ran across.

- Mollie & Dakota

We are currently obsessing over every single picture. We are so glad we found you and had you there with us on our wedding day. Ashley made our day go by with such ease.