Emilie and Dylan are more than just Ashley Ice bride's they are actually my BEST FRIENDS (Ashley). Emilie and Dylan are more than best friends are are my family. 

Emilie and I moved from Hays, Kansas to Overland Park, Kansas in 2015. I came here to pursue my relationship with my now husband and she came here to become a chiropractor. When we first moved to Kansas City we literally did not know where anything was... so we ordered A LOT of Saprino's pizza and drank wine missing our friends back in Hays. Some times we would venture out and see what was going on but the city life was not for us at the time.
During the first few months living in Kansas City she started her relationship with Dylan. 

Dylan and Emilie's love story dates back further than Emilie and I's friendship.

Emilie started college at 16 years and during that time Dylan was 19 years old and they lived in the same dormitory. Dylan actually picked on Emilie SO much she hated him with a passion. Awwww young love in the making.. Fast forward 6 years, Dylan grew up and Emilie forgave him and they became friends and soon started dating. 

Through the past 4 years they have adopted two amazing dogs Elanor and Caster. They have moved to Texas for they both could further their careers. Visited several states, threw many parties, and fell more in love each and every day. 

I love you two! 

I cannot wait for your wedding! 


---Friends are the family we choose to have in our lives. 


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