Everyone has a favorite holiday, for me I love Christmas. I love the decorating, the baking, and all the fun that comes along with the Christmas season. I am one of those people... I decorate promptly November 1, and get my real tree once the go up for sale. 
This year to start off my decorating I was actually in a sad mode in late October and my amazing husband suggested we go to Michael's Craft Store and look at their Christmas items and see what is all for sale. I immediately lit up and became all giggly. We walked in.. and oh my goodness.. I was freaking out with all the new Christmas decor. My husband could not stop giggling at how I was legit having a "fan girl" reaction to all the Christmas decorations. We left the store with a few small trees and that just started my Christmas frenzy of decorating my entire house .

Not only do I decorate like a Christmas crazed maniac I am an avid Christmas Card sender. Every year I have a new silly theme and it always involves my dogs. This year I decided to wrap Christmas lights around my dogs. Harold is going on 4 years of creating Christmas cards, each year is less impressed on the things I make him do. However, Walter is on his second year and enjoys it more and more each time. He is my little model dog. 
This is actually the very first year in FOUR years that my husband and I took a Christmas photo together, usually we focus on the dogs. We had to pull out the ugly sweaters to create our first Christmas card shoot together. 

This Christmas we have decided to go simple with our plane, usually we travel to Austin, Texas to spend time with Justin's family but this year we have decided to spend some alone time together and take a break from the world. We will be catching up on Dexter, playing card games, napping, and having a blast with our dogs. We are wanting new traditions for the holidays so we do not forget what the holiday's are all about. 

To keep things even more simple, last year I started a tradition with Justin where we only buy everyone in our lives useful gifts. Things that they actually need or we purchase an experience. This all started because one of my sister's asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said "you know what... I do not know. I do not even remember what you got me last year. Do you remember? " Heather told me back, "I do not remember actually." My response, "Wow, that is sad, we spend all this money on each other every year for items we cannot even remember what we got each other. We should start providing useful gifts instead of items that we really do not need" 
Since then for birthday's, anniversary's, and other gifts everything I gift is an experience or a useful item. 
Christmas is not about what amazing gift you bought your loved ones or what you received it is about how much you love them. 
Instead of spending hundreds of items on stuff... Start spending money on helping them pay a bill, or maybe a southwest gift card to come visit you, or maybe they really need new tires on their car. Be thoughtful this year and forget the stuff. 

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas season! 

Enjoy these photos of my goofy dogs and husband! 


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