we are perfect for...

You have been swept off your feet by your fiancé and the grand proposal that was planned. You were shocked, you cried, and everything was so perfect. Now you are planning your wedding and you realize there is so much to do. So much to plan just for the wedding day portraits. You are not sure where you want to go, what you want to do, all you know is you want to make the most romantic classic portraits. If you are ready to stop worrying and ready to start getting your dream portraits.
                            YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE
 You have contacted the best team to help you plan everything for your wedding day portraits. Here at Ashley Ice Photography we are a team! We will listen to everything you want, we will listen to your needs, we will end up being your best friend during the entire wedding process.
Trust me! This planning process will be fun, we will take all the worry and stress out. We are here for you from day one and even after your wedding day has come to an end.
If you are ready to plan the most epic luxury-romantic portraits.
We are the  dream team!

We are perfect for the couples who are madly in love. We are talking about the talk on the phone for hours, share a milkshake, puppy-dog love, lay in the grass and count the stars, kind of couples.  We love couples who want to have fun, who can giggle, cry, and be their true selves with their best friend. We are perfect for brides and grooms who want to be extra on their wedding day and think outside of the box for their engagement/wedding portraits. We love couples who ask our opinion from their wedding dress, floral, to their invitation suite. We want to help make your day the perfect wedding you two have always imagined. We are more than  photographers... we are creators.
Let us be innovative, extra, and your friend during this amazing time in your lives.  

"You’re quite literally the quarterback of my wedding."

i love...

i love...

1. God
2. My Husband - Justin Ice 
3. My sweet little daughter- Lorelai Mae
4. My dogs- Mr. Harold & Mr. Walter
5. My Grandma- she is the sweetest thing in the world
6. Starbucks Refreshers  
7. Amazon Shoppi...I think my door bell rang.. hang on 
8.Jokes - three photographers walk into a wedding... 
9.Spring time
10. Watching Golden Buzzer videos on YouTube - I love watching people's dream come true. 

1. Spending time with my daughter Evelyn
 2. My dog Wylie
 3. Family time
 4. God
5. Coffee... all the coffee
 6. Ice cream.... also goes great with coffee
7. Playing soccer
 8. Scrap booking
 9. Photography (of course)
 10. Meeting new people and becoming life long friends