i love...


we are perfect for...

i love...

1. God
2. My Husband - Justin Ice 
3. My dogs- Mr. Harold & Mr. Walter
4. My Grandma- she is the sweetest thing in the world
5. Starbucks Refreshers
6. Amazon Shopp...I think my door bell rang.. hang on
7. Jokes - three photographers walk into a wedding...
8. Spring 
9. Meal prepping - Just so later I want to eat something I did not prep...
10. Watching Golden Buzzer videos on YouTube - I love watching people's dream come true. 

1. Spending time with my daughter Evelyn
 2. My dog Wylie
 3. Family time
 4. God 5. Coffee... all the coffee
 6. Ice cream, also goes with coffee
7. Playing soccer
 8. Scrapbooking
 9. Photography (of course)
 10. Meeting new people



Ashley Ice Photography is ran by Ashley Ice, the owner and founder of Ashley Ice Photography. 
Ashley Ice Photography is a multiple photographer company! We have two lead photographers, Amber and of course Ashley. 
Together they make the perfect duo for your wedding day or allow for more bride's to get the one-of-a-kind Ashley Ice experience because we can book up to two weddings in one day. 
We also have two second lead photographers on staff, Kenzie and Heather that work side-by-side Ashley or Amber when we book multiple weddings in one day. Kenzie and Heather were both were trained by Ashley Ice to learn her shooting, posing, and client experience style. Because of this no matter who is your photography team you will be getting a customized luxury experience on your wedding day. 

We are perfect for the couples who are madly in. We are talking about the talk on the phone for hours, share a milkshake, puppy dog, lay in the grass count the stars kind of couples. 
We love couples who want to have fun, who can giggle, cry, and be their true selves with their best friend. 
We are perfect for brides + grooms who want to be extra on their wedding day and think outside of the box for their engagement and wedding day photos. 
We love couples who ask our opinion from their wedding dress, floral, to their invitation suite. We want to help make your day the perfect photographic day you envision. 
We are more than  photographers... we are creatives. 
Let us be creative, extra, and your friend during this time. 

heather springer

Kenzie hersh

Second Lead Photographers