i love...


i love...

1. God
2. My Husband - Justin Ice 
3. My dogs- Mr. Harold & Mr. Walter
4. My Grandma- she is the sweetest thing in the world
5. Starbucks Refreshers
6. Amazon Shopp...I think my door bell rang.. hang on
7. Jokes - three photographers walk into a wedding...
8. Spring 
9. Meal prepping - Just so later I want to eat something I did not prep...
10. Watching Golden Buzzer videos on YouTube - I love watching people's dream come true. 

1. Spending time with my daughter Evelyn
 2. My dog Wylie
 3. Family time
 4. God 5. Coffee... all the coffee
 6. Ice cream, also goes with coffee
7. Playing soccer
 8. Scrapbooking
 9. Photography (of course)
 10. Meeting new people



We are Ashley Ice Photography! 
Words from Ashley... 
Hello there! I am Ashley Ice, the owner and creator of Ashley Ice Photography. I started my passion for wedding photography over 8 years ago. Oh my gosh when I say it out loud I realize how time is flying by. I have been in Kansas City for 4 years now. I was married 2.5 years to the love of my life, Justin. We are also expecting our first baby this November! I like to believe I live a very exciting and adventurous life.. but my husband says you need to leave the office to do that. Haha. Pretty much I love my job and the company I have created and I spend so much time and energy making it grow even more each day. 
Amber is not only my friend, but my other lead photographer for my company. With her we have been able to expand and grow Ashley Ice Photography into what it is today! Read more below to see what we love! 

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