FLOWERS! eek! They are my absolute favorite accessory for a bride. I honestly believe your floral arrangements will make or break your whole look you are going for. They are such a cost less item to have at your wedding. The floral arrangements really decorate your venue and ceremony site up. Even if you are just doing greenery everywhere. I cannot stress enough about what I am going to say next... do not cut yourself short and not order enough floral arrangements. 

Now that is out of the way... how are you going to choose what you want? Well I have a few secrets up my sleeve...
1. Create a Pinterest board! What? yes! I am so serious create a Pinterest board and find EVERYTHING you like. Now take a break for a couple days. GO back and look again at your own board and see if you still like it, If not, remove it NOW. You do not want to start second guessing your self. 
...speaking of second guessing yourself... 
2. Whatever you choose WILL NOT BE THE WRONG CHOICE. That is the beauty of flowers. They are all beautiful. You serious cannot go wrong with any type of arrangement, as long as you have a great florist!
3. Make an appointment with a few florists. During your appointments with the florist you are not only getting pricing but you should be brainstorming with them and asking them what vases they have, what ribbons they have, etc. A good florist should go over all of this with out you asking. 
4. Find what fits in your budget. I suggest to all my brides your floral budget needs to be between 1,500-2,500. Seems high in the budget column BUT that will go SO FAR! You will have a gorgeous weddings AND you spend WAY LESS on rentals for your tables centerpieces. 
5. Have fun! as always have fun, you are planning your wedding! No need to stay in the box with designs, fine something cool, funky and NEW. 

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